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Masixole Matolweni

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I am a Full-stack developer looking to broaden my skillset and make a valuable impact. Programming is a true passion of mine
and that passion continues to grow, I strive to learn more and more, improving my craft and becoming a valuable asset to a
company/organisation.I enjoy the collaborative nature of working on a team building a product. The feedback, discussion, and
review in this environment brings out the best in each individual member,and is a crucial component in my own personal development.
I'm a versitile developer, i do however lean more towards Full-Stack web development and potentially Cloud Computing

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Shoe store created with Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript there is still a few bugs please use admin login:
Username: max
Password: masixole1995

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Reservation site for all your holiday needs all in one place, created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP

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Cape Town/Port Elizabeth South Africa